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This page is in Memory of my Father, Joseph Franklin Keyes and is Dedicated to my Mother, Emma Viola Bearden Keyes


Happy Birthday to you, Dad,
You went away and left us sad.
When thinking back into the past,
I remember you saying that it'll be your last.

Your birthday is better in Heaven, I know,
While here on earth we're missing you so.
You were seventy four when God called you home,
Now it's your birthday and you are gone.

Our circle of love is no longer complete,
But a party in Heaven will be a real treat.
With God and His Angels all circled around,
Presenting to you, Dad, your own Birthday crown.

This day is so sad, we wish you were here,
So we could give you some Birthday cheer.
We'll never forget you, Happy Birthday, Dear Dad,
It'll be the best that you ever had.

Written By:
Jeanette Keyes Boman
February 26,1987

Joseph Franklin Keyes, Sr.


  Dear God

Dear God, Who watches over me,
Please help me now that I may see.
My Daddy's better off with you,
Help me, Dear Lord, cause I'm so blue.

At night as I lay down to sleep,
Into my mind my Daddy creeps.
Down my face the tears do stream,
As Daddy wanders into my dreams.

I can't forget, I miss him so,
I'm sure my Daddy has to know.
You never are prepared for this,
Dear God, please give my Dad a kiss.

Now, help me Lord, help me to face,
That Daddy's in your loving grace.
Someday, I'll see my Dad again,
Dear God, please help me until then.


Written By:
Jeanette Keyes Boman
May 6, 1986

Please See Joseph and Emma's Story

My parents, Joseph and Emma Keyes told me stories about their life the whole time I was growing up.  My Aunt Vivian Keyes Watson who lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi also told me some stories.  I have tried to include everything I have in this web page.

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Information about my Mother's Schooling, etc.

I will list all of the information that I have about my parents schooling in this spot.

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My Parents

Joseph and Emma Keyes lived in Tallulah, Louisiana at 1204 Maple Street when this picture was taken.

This is my mother in her funny hat taken at the Nursing Home in Tallulah, Louisiana. She really looks good and she looks like she felt really good.