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On this page will be the 10 children of Joseph Franklin Keyes, Sr. and Emma Viola Bearden Keyes

They had four sons and six daughters.

The four sons

Joseph Franklin Keyes, Jr. is the oldest son and then Edgar Ray Keyes, Sr. comes second, Charles Edward Keyes, Sr. is the next to the youngest and Robert Wayne Keyes, Sr. is the youngest.

Six Sisters

Katherine Marie Keyes Hurley is the oldest daughter, then Betty Lou Keyes Miles was born next.  Peggy Louise Keyes Williams is the third oldest daughter and then Mary Jeanette Keyes Boman is the fouth daughter.  Marilyn Ann Keyes Armstrong is the next to the youngest daughter and Sandra Lynn Keyes Bowden is the baby of the family.

Four Boys and six Girls - all brothers and sisters

Back Row: L to R: Robert, Joe, Edgar and Charles; Middle Row: L to R: Sandy and Marie; Front Row: L to R: Peggy, Jeanette, Marie and Betty

The Ten of us and our Mother

Back: L to R: Joe and Robert; Middle: L to R: Peggy, Mother, Betty, Marie, and Charles; Front: L to R: Marilyn, Sandy, Edgar and Jeanette

Four of the sisters and one brother

L to R: Marie, Peggy, Jeanette, Sandy and Joe on of the times that we went to the Nursing Home to see our Mother.  She is in the bed.

Mother and Son

Joseph Franklin Keyes, Jr. and Emma Viola Bearden Keyes.  I think this is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of Joe and Mama.

Four sisters and one brother (another picture)

This is another picture taken same day at the Nursing Home when we went to see Mama.