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This page is showing the many different faces I have had over the years.

My how this face has changed.  These pictures are from as far back as I can remember , thru my school years and the years I worked at The Meridian Star Newspaper in Meridian, Mississippi, as an Advertising Account Executive.  They are not necessarily in the order of my growing up years.  Gosh, I don't even remember exactly which grades I was in for some of these pictures.  I have tried to remember the best I can and put captions under them.

Just a collage of some of my many faces.


I'm not sure if this picture was the 10th or 11th Grade.

9th or 10th Grade

I think I was in the seventh grade here.

I think I was in the 8th grade here.

I think I was in the 4th grade here.

I was in the Second or Third grade here.

I was in the First or Second grade here.

Senior Year - 1964



This picture was taken at my brother, Charles' house with his 100lb Turtle.

This picture was taken on the steps of an anti-bellum home in Natchez, Mississippi when we went down there for a Mississippi Media Professionals Meeting in 1994.

This picture was taken the day of my fifteenth Class Reunion in Tallulah.

My Senior Year in High School. 1964


Me standing out in front of our house on Scott Street in Tallulah, Louisiana doing some Cheers in 1963.

Taken at my sister, Jeanette's house in 1984.

This picture was taken in 1993 when I worked at The Meridian Star. I worked there for 13 years.

At my sister, Betty's house, for Thanksgiving a few years back.

Me sitting at my desk at The Meridian Star Newspaper in 1987

This picture was taken at my Mother and Father's home.

I bought this mustang when I was working at The Meridian Star. It was my first Sportscar.

This picture was taken at my home March 11, 2004.

Just me!!!

This picture was taken in Houston, Texas on March 10th, 2004, the day of my ALS Diagnosis.

Halloween - 1994. I dressed up as a witch and went to work that way. Lots of little kids were walking the streets with their parents and started crying when they saw me. The witch makeup came in a kit and it took me hours to put it on and then when I got hot and it started running, it really looked scarey.

I think I looked pretty good in this picture, but everyone else would probably say, "UUHHH, you look too skinny?"