John and Josh's Race Cars
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Pictures of John and Josh's Race Cars
These are pictures of my grandson, Joshua Bryan Smith's race car, that his father, John Lee Smith, Jr. built and also John's race car.

Josh's Race Car
John built this car for Josh. When he gets older, John is going to build him a faster one.

This picture was taken in front of my house just before they left to go to the races.
Josh standing beside his Race Car.
This picture was taken in front of my house.
Josh's Race Car
Josh's Race Car on the Trailer being pulled by his Dad's Truck..
Joshua Bryan Smith
Josh in full dress, ready for the race
Josh's Race Car
Josh at the Race Track racing another car down the Track.
Working On Race Car
Josh's Dad, John and his Uncle Jerry working on Josh's car before a Race.
Josh's Race Car
Josh in his Race Car at the Race Track.That is me in my Wheel Chair by him.