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Birthday in Heaven

Happy Birthday to you, Dad,
You went away and left us sad.
When thinking back into the past,
I remember you saying that it'll be your last.

Your birthday is better in Heaven, I know,
While here on earth we're missing you so.
You were seventy four when God called you home,
Now it's your birthday and you are gone.

Our circle of love is no longer complete,
But a party in Heaven will be a real treat.
With God and His Angels all circled around,
Presenting to you, Dad, your own Birthday crown.

This day is so sad, we wish you were here,
So we could give you some Birthday cheer.
We'll never forget you, Happy Birthday, Dear Dad,
It'll be the best that you ever had.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
February 26,1987

Joseph Franklin Keyes, Sr.

A Mother's Prayer

Dear God, won't you walk with me,
And carry me a while.
Help me bear the pain I feel,
You know I've lost my child.

You always told me to be strong,
And do the best I can.
But now I feel like I have failed,
How much more must I stand?

Life put more on my little girl,
Than most grown-ups can stand.
The only thing I failed to do,
Was take the law in my own hands.

I saw the happiness leave her eyes,
Replaced by pain and fear.
My love for her was returned by hate,
And I have shed so many tears.

My angel was lost to a world of sin,
Hate dried up her tears.
At 16; she's still locked inside,
Of a baby of just 5 years.

No more is she trusting life,
And no more does she care.
She hates me, Lord, she has made it plain,
This is so hard to bear.

Dear Lord, please show my daughter peace,
And shower her with love.
Let her know, I did my best,
And send comfort from above.

Please help Sherrie want to live,
Take the anger from her heart.
I love my baby and always will,
Even though we are apart.

Thank you God, for giving me,
The blessings you have shared.
And even though I made mistakes,
Let Sherrie know I care.

Thank You Jesus! Amen!

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
March 7, 1992

Sherry Lynn Boman

Since this poem was written Sherrie and Jeanette have worked out their problems and Sherrie is married and has a beautiful son.


Daddy, I love you, I love you so much,
I wish I could feel your gentle touch.
I was there with you, with Marilyn, Sandy, and Betty,
But when God called you home, we were not ready.

Mama was sitting with her head in her hands,
You said you could hear death bells, but it was Heaven's band.
You called her "Pals" until you died,
And then my Mama really cried.

Dr. Terrell came in and said, " There's no hope".
Our hearts started hurting, and we couldn't cope.
With death your pain died, but then ours started,
And into your room the nurses had darted.

The Doctor came back and said you were gone,
I never thought you'd leave Mama alone.
They said you could hear us, there at the end.
And all your problems I was hoping would mend.

Daddy, please know we were there by your side,
I closed your eyes as soon as you died.
And as you rest in Heaven above,
Please never forget how much you are loved.

Written By:
April 14, 1986

Dear God

Dear God, Who watches over me,
Please help me now that I may see.
My Daddy's better off with you,
Help me, Dear Lord, cause I'm so blue.

At night as I lay down to sleep,
Into my mind my Daddy creeps.
Down my face the tears do stream,
As Daddy wanders into my dreams.

I can't forget, I miss him so,
I'm sure my Daddy has to know.
You never are prepared for this,
Dear God, please give my Dad a kiss.

Now, help me Lord, help me to face,
That Daddy's in your loving grace.
Someday, I'll see my Dad again,
Dear God, please help me until then.


Written By:
Jeanette Boman
May 6, 1986

Don't Say You Won't

My Mother brought me into this world,
I love her and she loves me.
She sang the sweetest lullabyes,
And bounced me on her knee.

She walked the floors with me,
Each time that I was sick.
And if I was hurt or needed her,
She was always there real quick .

When my Mom was mad at me,
Her face sure showed no smile.
But when I looked into her eyes,
I knew she loved me all the while.

Now I am grown and I have kids,
And I see how hard Mom tried.
They step on your toes and then your heart,
But you're always on their side.

There are things my Mother said and did,
That I said I wouldn't do.
But I have come to realize,
That I say and do them, too.

As my kids grow up and they leave home,
I'll just sit back, wait, and see.
If how they act with their kids,
Doesn't sound a lot like me.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
July 3, 1999

Father's Day

Going home has changed for me,
And sorrow fills my heart.
For Daddy is no longer there,
No one can play his part.

For Father's Day we all must meet,
To help our Mother through it.
We'll visit Daddy at his grave,
I hope we all can do it.

I always took for granted,
My Father on his day.
And now as Father's Day draws near,
Is when I'll have to pay.

Daddy, please know I'm sorry,
For not showing how much I care.
I wish just once that I could see,
Your face so sweet and fair.

Forgive me, Dad, I'm selfish,
But I'm human, that's a fact.
If God would grant me just one wish,
I'd wish I had you back.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
June 10, 1986

Happy Birthday Daddy

The months have passed, the days have flown by,
We've been so lonely since you died.
We can't go to see you, we can't send a card,
These months without you have really been hard.

Happy Birthday Daddy on this special day,
God will celebrate with you, since you've gone away.
He'll light up 75 candles, and help you blow them out,
And here on earth you'll hear us all, Happy Birthday, Dad, we'll shout.

We never will forget you, your place no one can take,
We'll be with you in Heaven, until then our hearts will ache.
Please, Dad, just have a happy one, and think of us on your day,
Out of sight, not out of mind, and in our hearts you'll stay.

Happy Birthday, Daddy, I guess I'll close for now,
We miss you so, and on your day, we'll get through it somehow.
I know someday we'll meet again, and we'll never leave your side,
We think about you all the time, and you'll always be our pride.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
February 26, 1987

Joe Keyes

Did you ever know Joe Keyes?
The man that loved to pick and tease?
He was a jolly sort of man,
But now he's gone to Glory Land.

Joe was loved by one and all,
He'd lift you up, not let you fall.
He raised his kids, yes, ten of them,
And all would give their life for him.

He called his wife "Pals" and always will,
From his Heavenly home, where time stands still.
She'll hear her name softly, floating in the air,
It's Joe's way to show her, he'll always care.

Now, if you never knew "Ole Joe,"
Then I would like for you to know.
This special man I'm speaking of,
Is my Dear Daddy, that we all love.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
May 4, 1986


One, two, I surely do love you.
Three, four, I couldn't love you more.
Five, six, None other would I pick.
Seven, eight, You're my mother and you're great.

Nine ten, You're the best that's ever been.
Eleven, twelve, in my heart you'll always dwell!
Thirteen, fourteen, these things I say I mean.
Fifteen, sixteen, Many good times we've seen.

Seventeen, eighteen, Life's too short for hating.
Nineteen, twenty, I give you love, Mom, I have plenty.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman

My Daddy

I never knew the heartache,
I never knew the pain.
But when my Daddy passed away,
Our loss became God's gain.

We thought he'd linger on and live,
And knew that he'd get stronger.
But seeing him struggle for his breath,
We could have been no wronger.

My Mother was his pride and joy,
He loved her, there's no doubt.
But now she's lonely and misses him,
Since Daddy's life went out.

My Daddy's walking down the streets,
That's paved with purest gold.
I want to live for Jesus,
So my Daddy's hand I'll hold.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
April 17, 1986

My Mother, My Friend

Have you heard the saying,
That all good things must end?
Well, my love is ever-lasting,
For My Mother, My Friend.
She's loved by all her kin.<
There's no-one else that can compare,
My Mother, My Friend.

Mom is very proud of me,
I still remember when.
She picked me up when I fell down.
My Mother, My Friend.

My skinned up knees she doctored,
My clothes she'd always mend.
There's nothing that she couldn't do,
My Mother, My Friend.

Mom taught me to do my best,
I don't always have to win.
Cause she loves me, no matter what,
My Mother, My Friend.

My Mom would score the highest,
On a scale of one to ten.
She is the one I lean on,
My Mother, My Friend.

I watch my Mother tiring out,
Not as active as she was then.
She's never too tired to praise me,
My Mother, My Friend.

When my life on earth is over,
In Heaven, I'll see again.
The sweetest person I've size=2> ever known,
My Mother My Friend.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
June 23, 1999

Dear Mr. Principal

Dear Mr. Principal, I'd just like to say,
I came to school this morning, just like I do each day.
I saw the fight, I heard the shot, I knew not what to do,
They told me if I said a word, they would get me, too.

They brought me in to see you, Sir, but I don't want to tell,
Cause the guy that did the shooting, knows my face real well.
I tried to help the bleeding boy and blood got on my shirt.
The guy with the gun hit me hard and said, "Leave him in the dirt."

My Mom tells me not to fight, and stay away from those who do,
But I was not involved, Sir, though here I am with you.
I am scared, they know I'm here, they're gonna shoot me, too.
Cause they think I am telling, Oh, what am I to do?

The boy that was shot asked me for help, He said, "I'm gonna die."
I laid his head into my lap, and all I did was cry.
The guy that shot him hit me hard, and this is what he said,
"Tell on me and I'll kill you, or make you wish that you were dead."

So please, Dear Mr. Principal, you must ask all the rest,
Cause my life is in danger now, since I got into this mess.
Could you please call my Mom, Sir, and get her on the phone?
And ask her could she pick me up, I'm so afraid to walk alone.

I was standing in the hall, and I heard the horrible news,
The doctors couldn't help him, there was nothing they could do.
He got shot cause he stood up to a violent and vicious gang,
They beat him up and shot him, just as the school bell rang.

It's bad that kids can't go to school to learn to read and write,
Today they have to watch their backs, and you' ll always see a fight.
I'm scared of what they'll do to me, but he can't die in vain.
So lean closer, Mr. Principal, I'll whisper the gunman's name.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
June 15, 1999


If you could turn the hands of time,
And go back nine years ago.
Would you marry me again,
Knowing what you know

I know I'm hard to live with,
I'm the first to tell you so.
But, would you change me if you could,
Knowing what you know.

My heart is full of love for you,
From my head down to my toes.
Will you love me forever and sixteen days,
Knowing what you know?
I love you, Babe, so much it hurts,
And I did nine years ago.
I'll love you more the day I die,
Knowing what I know.
 Written By:
Jeanette Boman
August 6,1986

My Mother's Kiss

When I came into this world,
My Mother loved me, there's no doubt.
No matter if I did right or wrong,
If I was happy, or if I'd pout.

She picked me up when I fell down,
She held me when I cried,
There were things she couldn't give,
But I knew she always tried.

Mother always let me know,
No matter what I did.
That she would always love me,
And she was proud I was her kid.

She sang, she laughed, she loved me so,
Her kiss was soft and sweet.
You may think I am boasting,
But my Mother's really neat.

Now, I've grown up and life goes on,
But there's a special thing I miss.
'Cause there's nothing that can take the place,
Of My Mother's Kiss.

Written By:
Jeanette Boman
June 19, 1999